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Consumerism was at an all-time high. In FUSA, people were happier overall and felt safe. No longer were there homeless, jobless, and crime. Even the music was more appealing since genres such as industrial, hip-hop, punk, and eclectic styles were banned. Unbeknownst to the people, concentration camps were the reason for the mask of prosperity. Anyone who rebelled was undesirable, or even questioned the mechanics of this new found nation were shipped away. There was one woman in particular who fit in the undesirable category. Her name was Nova. While cold and calculated, her leadership helped to ensure that women felt empowered and men were more respectful.

Despite her use of Dark Magic on those who oppressed others, her thoughts were pure at heart. She herself was abused and sexually objectified. Instead of letting her past consume her, she decided to use her power and retaliate in a more positive way. Her desire in life was for the world to embrace gender equality. Of course, she had to view oppression as a pendulum. In order to stop it from swinging, force was needed to slow the arm down.

Unlike other women, Nova had the power to protect herself and dominate men.

In fact, she hunted men who were disrespectful and either forced them into servitude or killed them on the spot. Her logic was to demonstrate the struggles of a woman so as to open their eyes and earn their equality. Once they truly understood the error in their ways, she would relieve them of service and gave them the choice to either stand by her as a comrade or to leave.

Unfortunately, someone found her weakness during the Inquisition and captured her in a container with a pentacle on its floor. Even though she wasn't religious, she bore a cross on her necklace and was taken away over this artifact. After knowing her exploits, she was punished by being de-robed and force to serve in the camp naked.

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Today, Nova would play a pivotal role in the redemption of Domino. After her work shift was over, she was placed back in her pentacle prison inside one of the work tents. The Death Triangle took notice of this beautiful woman nude before their eyes. As a typical soul-less abomination of a patriarchal man would act, Draconis took a look at her. What a fine piece of ass we got here. Maybe we should give her a taste Death's Triangle, what do you say? Wanna get in on some action? Nachtbringer replied, "Yeah!

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I bet she won't be able to resist the heat I'm packin'! Domino didn't want to have any part in raping her, "Let her be, she's not even worth it. Besides, we have other shit to do. But we're gonna double-team her," said Draconis. You want to bang, go home. We have work that needs to be done here. Try explaining to our superiors why we didn't meet quota tonight. Draconis and Nachtbringer didn't like the sound of Domino's response.

Domino: Revelations (Chapter 1)

Domino's getting soft. He actually feels sorry for her. Let's show Domino what we do with cock-blockers around these parts. Nachtbringer, tie him to the chair and make him watch! Despite the Darkness consuming Domino's soul, there was still a hint of light in his core. He actually was trying to save her from harm. Domino looked into her vivid green eyes and the internal screaming of her soul as she was about to be violated by two heartless creatures was unbearable. Something triggered in his mind as if Saint Michael himself descended from heaven to aid him in battle.

Renouncing God and allowing corruption to take over has caused someone their well-being. How can I allow this to occur? Is this how God feels when horror is presented before his eyes? Now I understand. Please forgive me, father, for my ignorance and lend me the strength to fight. Piktori demonstrates pertinent debates, such as the role of the artist within society, the relationships between handcrafted work and artistic action, matters regarding the functional aspects of art, issues of the artistic definition of the interminable chains of activities the artist exercises and the inherent issues in defining the artist as such.

The concept for The Column was born from an anachronistic economic strategy whereby time must be condensed to the point in which delivery coincides with production. En route from China to Italy, a group of Chinese stonecutters sculpt a Classical column. This reflection on the speed with which demand is satisfied constructs the pretext for the documentation of a poetic crossing from east to west. While mirroring a well known condition of productive efficiency, The Column has its roots in a poetic intuition: The homecoming of a monumental element of architecture renders this as an ancient endeavour, while the characteristics of the journey integrate it into the current social and economic context.

Quantum Humanism: The Reality of the Atom and the Mind through a Dooyeweerdian Lens

The column returns to a new time, revived through economical dynamics inexistent in the era to which it belonged. Reborn at sea, The Column returns in the exodus that unites east and west. It returns while weaving a fabric between the ancient and the contemporary, crossing time and space at once. Together with the produced column, the video footage of its creation becomes the tale of a destabilizing procedure that meditates on the impossibility of defining cultural authenticity of which validity and coherence are usually accepted uncritically.

The changing, hybrid identity of the artifact forms itself in the belly of a paradoxical situation where man is identified with profitability, creating a world suspended between reality and imagination. In a quest reminiscent of epic tales, The Column aims to bestow an original viewpoint on contemporary facts. Enacting his own death, he hired an Albanian woman, a professional weeper, to grieve his loss.

Paci presents the banal prelude to the ceremony by revealing the mourner as she adjusts the bed sheets and as he fastens his shoelaces and fiddles with his tie before positioning himself as a corpse. The woman takes a bedside seat and pulls a black veil over her head. With hands clenched, she begins a soft, soulful lament. They shake hands, embrace and depart. The film unfolds in waves: In the last years two films have stood out among them. Well, free fb2 said somberly, I dont know how much it helps, but you have the admiration and gratitude of millions of Americans.

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  7. In , the video conservation programme started with a project that aimed to preserve the most important Belgian videotapes from the s. Rather we face different modus operandi in which audiovisual artists investigate our recent past in order to question the present times. In the article Godard argued about the difference among making political films and making films politically. Reading it today, the article stills gives an astonishing account of the vehemence of the debate at that time, it documents the matters at stake, it reminds us the references and lexicon employed and ultimately it testimonies the way the problems were thought and formulated.

    However Godard spoke about a fact that is yet pertinent today because he pointed out how the political engagement goes beyond the chosen subject but it concerns the entire chain of production of the film as well as its method and aesthetic approach. In this respect, without completing all possibilities, the films of this program are interesting examples of how today artists think strategies and imagine ways and platforms to finance and realize their audiovisual works.

    This autonomy allows them to tackle in a very peculiar manner relevant but controversial topics. Furthermore they unveil hidden structures of power in history, in European policy, in intellectual debates, in cinematographic representation and even in filmmaking. By using challenging aesthetics, each film moves from very Eurocentric points of view or concerns to reverse perspectives that blur certainties and references frames. There is an investigative approach that serves as a hidden leitmotif of the program, but the aim is not simply to denounce, but rather to increase awareness on the viewers by suggesting that they should always look at things critically and question the so-called matters of facts.

    In his famous essay Mythologies , Roland Barthes demystified French colonial imperialism with a photograph that appeared on the cover of Paris-Match. This picture, which became an icon of modern criticism, shows a colonial cadet on guard. Vita Nova unveils the biographical ghost underneath the surface of this mythical picture. When recited, Barthes words reveal slowly their hidden meaning: Vita Nova is a spiral movie in which History Histoire , now chaotic in its temporality, returns in a more certain form as story histoire. The found time of history is here the survival of the image.

    It is the now, the temporality of the living, the untimeliness of the reciter. They commissioned British reporter and activist Tamasin Cave to write an article with their material about the current situation between big industry lobbies and activists and NGOs in their attempt to create a mandatory register of pressure groups, demanding transparency in the European Parliament. is Missing[Windows 7, 8 &10]