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Radio Times. July 29, Archived from the original on July 31, Retrieved July 31, Talsorian: Buy yourself a witcher". August 3, Gamer Network. Retrieved June 16, Retrieved October 21, Retrieved July 3, Retrieved July 1, Retrieved September 22, Retrieved June 29, Retrieved October 2, Retrieved February 5, Retrieved May 24, Retrieved March 19, Retrieved January 9, Retrieved November 27, Literature portal.

The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski. TV series.

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The Witcher — Volume 1: House of Glass [32]. The Witcher — Volume 2: Fox Children [33]. He's going to throw a ton of shit at him, but Uhtred will persevere. There's tons of series out there in which the protagonist doesn't die, but they still manage to hold up the tension. This one kept reminding me that Uhtred would live a long life and that's something a writer should avoid. Let me get lost in the story and at least give me a chance to maybe forget that, no matter the danger, Uhtred will survive.

View all 8 comments. Aug 25, Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , , someday. This book was good but I had some problems with it, nothing major or about the story but rather the way it's told. Review to come. Jun 15, Will M. Shelves: fantasy , historical-fiction , war , , medieval. I had no idea they were adapting this whole series into a TV series. Will have to read the next novels really soon. Especially Greek, Roman, and Egyptian history. Lately though, I've been wanting to read more of UK and Russian, so I was pretty excited to read this.

This was a fantastic novel about the life of Uthred.

That kid's freakin' amazing. He started out strong, as a child, and continued to develop into a powerful man. Despite being held captive, he found a way to make the situation in favor of him. Truly a shrewd man.

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He was once a Saxon, but because he was held captive of a Danish man, he was forced to convert. Despite learning to love his danish father, in his heart, he will forever be a saxon. This novel also tacked the topic regarding Christianity and Norse Mythology[Paganism]. Reading about Thor and Odin was really fun. This was my very first legit historical fiction novel. So that being said, I was excited yet I didn't know what to expect. What I got was an amazing novel that truly engulfed me to a beautiful world. While reading this, I felt like I was reading an epic-fantasy novel.

I was fully engrossed and I loved the main character. I couldn't think of any dull moments, because this novel was really great. It was so good that it even felt like a short read , despite the length of the novel. At first I rated this 4 stars, but after a few days of contemplating, I decided to change my rating, and give this book the very deserving 5. It would be a crime not to do so. This novel was vivid. Everything was described to near perfection. This would be the book to read if you want to be fully engrossed, and feel like you're actually the main character.

It felt like I was Uthred, and everything that happened to him happened to me. I also liked the setting very much.

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Despite the awesome countries mentioned, I also really liked the medieval setting of this novel. I'm a huge fan of medieval history, more so of the fictional ones. I'm now planning to read more Britain related history, and historical fiction novels. British history is truly entertaining.

I'll surely be checking the next few books of the series, as I heard from Markus [the one who recommended this to me, thanks dude] that the second book is the best of the bunch [as of now]. I'll surely have to read and see for myself. Time to be engrossed in yet another seemingly amazing novel. This is a must read novel, and it looks like a much read series. Bernard Cornwell might be added to my favorite authors, as long as his other books are just as good, or even better. View all 9 comments. Dec 11, Lucia rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars-read , historical , favorites.

Bernard Cornwell brought 9th and 10th century England alive for me. Uhtred of Bebbanburg is unapologetic and ruthless yet lovable and admiration worthy character with brilliant military strategic mind.

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He is a true hero! I really felt like I was there with Uhtred, fighting every new enemy or being part of countless shield wars. It is one of the best historical fiction stories I have ever read and it is the perfect example of how to write engaging historical fiction series that never get boring or predictable!

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View all 4 comments. Aug 20, Hana Zakova rated it it was amazing. Asolutely loved it. I went to the library and randomly picked a book. It was The Pale Horseman, and I realized it was second part of Ulthred's life, so I went back and got this first part out. I love England and so I loved those 3 books. There must be 4 book. It's the same feeling like waiting for Harry Potter books to come out. View 1 comment. Aside from the tales of King Arthur and Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth, I did not have much exposure to historical fiction, and definitely not one with this much historical accuracy.

I was made aware of Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stores through the reviews of fellow readers on Goodreads whom I share similar taste in books with. The main impetus that nudged me to finally pick up this book among my long list of to-be-read was in fact History Channel's Vikings, as I didn't even know that this book Aside from the tales of King Arthur and Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth, I did not have much exposure to historical fiction, and definitely not one with this much historical accuracy.

The main impetus that nudged me to finally pick up this book among my long list of to-be-read was in fact History Channel's Vikings, as I didn't even know that this book itself has inspired a television series given I don't spend much time in front of one. Through watching Vikings, I've developed a fascination for the history of these misconceived barbarians, or whom the Christian world liked to call pagans, and how they shaped Western Europe through their expansive invasions and eventual settlement.

This book almost read like a sequel to the Vikings series as it relates to the rise of King Alfred The Great.

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Uhtred was a fascinating main protagonist who has all the virtues and vices of a warrior of two conflicting worlds, torn between loyalty to his kin or the foreigners who took him under their wings and treated him as family. Even as the ruthless invaders, I actually liked the Danes more than the English given the latter's excessive religious piety and self-righteousness. The breadth and depth of characters, and their names especially all the Athel-this and Athel-that did initially throw me off a fair bit.