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R Jenner and Patrick Wallis eds. All the casebooks used in this work are male-authored, although some female medical practitioners, especially midwives, kept similar records. Part I. Campbell, B.

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Hall and D. Alexander Read second edition London: , p. See the Bibliography for more on the provenance of this text. George Baker [London: collated from 16th-century texts ], p. London: , p. See also for examples: Bayfield, Tractatus de Tumoribus , p. Barrough, The Method of Physick , p.

See also Bayfield, Tractatus de Tumoribus , p. John Halle London: , p. One notable exception to this rule was Culpeper, who argued that cancers were painless until they grew large or ulcerated Culpeper, A Directory for Midwives , p. Christof Wirsung trans.

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Wiseman, Several Chirurgical Treatises , p. See also Barrough, The Method of Physick , p. John Sparrow London: , p. Barrough, The Method of Physick, p. Dionis, A Course of Chirurgical Operations , p. On the related belief that strong wine heated the body and exacerbated cancers, see Chapter 5. See also Browne, The Surgeons Assistant , p. Browne, The Surgeons Assistant , p. Gendron, Enquiries , p. Lyons, Voices of Melancholy , p. Significantly, many dietary prescriptions were designed to reduce choler — see Chapter 5.

Read, Chirurgicall Lectures , p. Katharine A. Sarah Cowper, Diary — James S. John Browne, The Surgeons Assistant.. Also a Compleat Treatise of Cancers and Gangreens.


Robert Bayfield, Enchiridion Medicum London: , pp. Second italics my own. See Monica H.

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Nicholas Culpeper and W. Lazarius Riverius, The Practice of Physick trans.

Christof Wirsung, Praxis Medicinae Universalis trans. Jacob Mosan London: , p. Riverius, The Practice of Physick , p. On debates over the nature of menstrual blood, see Paster, The Body Embarrassed , pp. Bailey, A Worthy Treatise of the Eyes.. Churchill also points out that while menopause was not generally deemed pathological, physicians often treated irregular menstruation in women who were entering the menopause in the same manner as amenorrhea in younger women Churchill, Female Patients , p.

Thomas Gale London: , p. Charles Severn London: Henry Coldurn, , p. Nicholas Culpeper London: , p.

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Riolan, A Sure Guide , p. Margaret R. Sharp, The Midwives Book , pp. Katherine Prescott Wormeley, with an introduction by C. Sarah E.

The John Totaro Diaries : Where a Cry for Justice Began by John Totaro

Original quotation from Wilmer Cave Wright ed. Sharp, The Midwives Book , p.

Daily Journal Issue London: 8 July Jean E. Guy de Chauliac, Grande Chirurgerie , ed.

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Nicaise Paris: [] , p. Wallace B. An advertisement for this text shows that it was first printed in , though no extant copy remains. It was reprinted at least four times until A reference to cancer as a disease in 2 Timothy , however, remains stable throughout all three versions, as well as the Tyndale New Testament.

The John Totaro Diaries - Where a Cry for Justice Began (Paperback)

Both accessed 22 January Thomas R. Benjamin W. James T. OED Online. March See for some examples: Kevin P. Qualtiere and William W. Carlin ed. George Baker London: , p. J[ohn] S[parrow] London: , pp. See Erwin H. See also Gendron, Enquiries , p. Pechey et al. See also Pechey et al. Lowe, The Whole Course of Chirurgerie , sig. L3r—L4r on cancerous tumours, sig. Marjorie Hope Nicolson. The medicine to which Dr. See also Culpeper, A Directory for Midwives , pp.

The John Totaro Diaries: Where a Cry for Justice Began by John Totaro (English)

For venom n. The poisonous fluid normally secreted by certain snakes and other animals and used by them in attacking other living creatures.. Poison, especially as administered to or drunk by a person; any poisonous or noxious substance, preparation, or property; a morbid secretion or virus. Now rare. Something comparable to or having the effect of poison; any baneful, malign, or noxious influence or quality; bitter or virulent feeling, language, etc. London: , pp. See Marie E. See Kevin P. See also Wiseman, Several Chirurgical Treatises, pp. A Comedy London: , 5.