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Art in all forms guides the author toward understanding concepts like blackness, jazz, mortality, riots, space, time, self, and other without falling prey to the myth that all things must exist within a system of binaries. Recalling her awkward attempts at coolness during her childhood, Sabatini Sloan evokes Thelonious Monk's stage persona as a metaphor for blackness.

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Through the conceptual art of Adrian Piper, the author is able to understand what is so quietly menacing about the sharp, clean lines of an art gallery where she works as an assistant. The result is a compelling meditation on identity and representation. Seller Inventory AAN Integrating perspectives from the humanities, social sciences, medicine, and public health, this volume How we provide equal educational opportunity to an increasingly diverse, highly urbanized student population is one of the central concerns facing our nation.

As Genevieve Siegel-Hawley argues in this thought-provoking book, within our metropolitan areas we are currently allowing a labyrinthine system of school-district boundaries to divide students--and opportunities--along racial and economi In this highly original work, Thomas D. Wilson offers surprising new insights into the origins of the political storms we witness today.

Wilson connects the Ashley Cooper Plan--a seventeenth-century model for a well-ordered society imagined by Anthony Ashley Cooper 1st Earl of Shaftesbury and his protege John Locke--to current debates about views on climate change, sustainable development, u In the s, policymakers and mental health experts joined forces to participate in President Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty.

In her insightful interdisciplinary history, physician and historian Mical Raz examines the interplay between psychiatric theory and social policy throughout that decade, ending with President Richard Nixon's veto of a bill that would have provided universal day Abortion is--and always has been--an arena for contesting power relations between women and men. When in the Supreme Court made the procedure legal throughout the United States, it seemed that women were at last able to make decisions about their own bodies. In the four decades that followed, however, abortion became ever more politicized and stigmatized.

Abortion after Roe chronicles and One of the nation's fastest growing metropolitan areas, Wake County, North Carolina, added more than a quarter million new residents during the first decade of this century, an increase of almost 45 percent. At the same time, partisanship increasingly dominated local politics, including school board races. Against this backdrop, Toby Parcel and Andrew Taylor consider the ways diversity and nei System Kids considers the daily lives of adolescent mothers as they negotiate the child welfare system to meet the needs of their children and themselves.

Often categorized as dependent and delinquent, these young women routinely become wards of the state as they move across the legal and social borders of a fragmented urban bureaucracy. Combining critical policy study and ethnography, and dra The link between residential segregation and racial inequality is well established, so it would seem that greater equality would prevail in integrated neighborhoods.

But as Sarah Mayorga-Gallo argues, multiethnic and mixed-income neighborhoods still harbor the signs of continued, systemic racial inequalities.

And the Monkey Learned Nothing: Dispatches from a Life in Transit

Drawing on deep ethnographic and other innovative research from "Creekridge Park," a From headlines to documentaries, urban schools are at the center of current debates about education. From these accounts, one would never know that 51 million Americans live in rural communities and depend on their public schools to meet not only educational but also social and economic needs. For many communities, these schools are the ties that bind. Why Rural Schools Matter shares the untol By any measure—international reputation, influence upon fellow writers and later generations, number of books published, scholarly and critical attention—Robert Creeley — is a literary giant, an outstanding, irreplaceable poet.

The Fluency of Light: Coming of Age in a Theater of Black and White by Aisha Sabatini Sloan

In the years since his death, it may be that the di In Hold-Outs, Bill Mohr, long a figure on the Los Angeles poetry scene, reveals the complicated evolution of the literary landscape in a city famous for its production of corporate culture. In this capacious and challenging book, Maria Damon surveys the poetry and culture of the United States in two distinct but inextricably linked periods.

What is patriarchal poetry? How can it be both attractive and tempting and yet be so hegemonic that it is invisible? How does it combine various mixes of masculinity, femininity, effeminacy, and eroticism? At once passionate and dispassionate, Rachel Blau DuPlessis meticulously outlines key moments of choice and debate about masculinity among writers as disparate as Ezra Pound, T. Eliot, Lo In Racial Things, Racial Forms, Joseph Jonghyun Jeon focuses on a coterie of underexamined contemporary Asian American poets—Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Myung Mi Kim, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, and John Yau—who reject many of the characteristics of traditional minority writing, in particular the language of identity politics, which tends to challenge political marginalization without contesting more fu In Reading Duncan Reading, thirteen scholars and poets examine, first, what and how the American poet Robert Duncan read and, perforce, what and how he wrote.

Harold Bloom wrote of the searing anxiety of influence writers experience as they grapple with the burden of being original, but for Duncan this was another matter altogether. But can poetry be ecological? Can it display or be invested with values that acknowledge the economy of interrelationship between the human and the nonhuman realms? Aside from issues of theme and reference, how might syntax, line break, or the shape of the poem on the page express an ecolo As Gray argues, flowers are more bea The study reminds us, first, that even among the radicalized young poets and theorists who as By the mids, New American poets and Underground filmmakers had established a vibrant community.

Their personal, political, and artist Conceptions and practices of poetry change not only from time to time and from place to place but also from poet to poet. This has never been more the case than in recent years. The Romantic poet John Keats, considered by many as one of the greatest poets in the English language, has long been the subject of attention from scholars who seek to understand him and poets who seek to emulate him. Bridging these impulses, A Brighter Word Than Bright is neither historical biography nor scholarly study, but instead a biography of KeatsAEs poetic imagination.

Here the noted p And what is imagination?

The Fluency of Light: Coming of Age in a Theater of Black and White

What is creation? How do we create? Blake had answers for these questions, both in word and in deed, answers that serve as potent teachings for aspiring writers and a Readers generally know only one of the two famous James brothers. Literary types know Henry James; psychologists, philosophers, and religion scholars know William James.

In reality, the brothers' minds were inseparable, as the more than eight hundred letters they wrote to each other reveal. In this book, J. Hallman mines the letters for mutual affection and influence, painting a moving port Bringing her lyrical tenor to bear on stories as diverse as harboring teen runaways, gunfights with federales, and improbable love, Alvarado unveils the ways in which seemingly separate moments coalesce to forge a communal truth.

Woven from the thread Wisenberg may have lost a breast, but she retained her humor, outrage, and skepticism toward common wisdom and most institutions. In a series of linked lyric essays, Detailing Trauma explores in vivid, sometimes graphic detail the many types of wounds from which the human body and spirit may suffer—and heal. Mapping the diseases and injuries that can afflict the body, the author asks how we can continue to live and love in the face of the great potential for suffering and loss.

She names each section of the book for body She soon discovered how these low expectations, widely shared by the white community, impeded her students' ability to learn.

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With its overcrowded classrooms, poorly tra You took off most of your clothes to do them and you only did them with people who were the same color as you. As your daddy got richer, you got to do them in fancier places. The noise gathered from a lifetime of engaging with war, race, religion, memory, illness, and family echoes through the vignettes, quotations, graffiti, and poetry that Donald Anderson musters here, fragments of the humor and horror of life, the absurdities that mock reason and the despair that yields laughter. Gathering Noise from My Life offers sonic shards of a tune at once jaunty and pessi Donald Anderson, a former U.

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Air Force officer, has compiled a haunting anthology of personal essays and short memoirs that span more than years of warfare. In Great Expectation, Dan Roche gives a man's perspective on what it means to start and expand a family relatively later in life.

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Through a series of diary entries in turns humorous, angst ridden, and full of hope and joy, Roche describes his own thoughts and concerns during the nine months of his wife's pregnancy. With five years of parenting his irrepressible daughter Maeve under his belt, Ro Lindholdt writes with the precision of a naturalist, the critical eye of an ecologist, the affection of an apologist, and the self-revelation and self-awareness of a p Throughout his life, maps have been a source of imagination and wonder for Christopher Norment.

Mesmerized by them since the age of eight or nine, he found himself courted and seduced by maps, which served functional and allegorical roles in showing him worlds that he might come to know and helping him understand worlds that he had already explored. Maps may have been the stuff of his dreams, b In an era increasingly marked by cutting-edge research at the cellular and molecular level, what is the rol Hammond never made a conscious decision to become a collector of any kind, so he was surprised when his occasional visits to web sites turned into hours The carefully crafted, meditative essays in On the Shoreline of Knowledge sometimes start from unlikely objects or thoughts, a pencil or some fragments of commonplace conversation, but they soon lead the reader to consider fundamental themes in human experience.

The unexpected circumnavigation of the ordinary unerringly gets to the heart of the matter. Bringing a diverse range of material into Although Krutch—often called the Cactus Walden—came to the desert relatively late in his life, his curiosity and delight in his surroundings abound throughout The Desert Year, whether he is marveling at the majesty of the endless dry sea, at flowers carpeting the d In these intertwined essays on art, music, and identity, Aisha Sabatini Sloan, the daughter of African American and Italian American parents, examines the experience of her mixed race identity.

Embracing the far-ranging stimuli of her media-obsessed upbringing, she grasps at news clippings, visual fragments, and lyrics from past and present in order to weave together a world of sense.