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Other chaplets are connected with various religious orders who promote these chaplets.

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So there is the Franciscan Crown, a seven-decade rosary focused on the seven joys of Mary, as well as the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows, which is associated with the Servite community. The Passionist Fathers promote the Five Wounds chaplet. The chaplet of Our Lady of Fatima can be either prayed using a five-decade rosary or with a set of prayer beads consisting of 10 beads with six additional beads and a cross.


The prayers used for this chaplet are those taught to Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco by an angel who appeared to them in , by Our Lady in , or in later visions of Our Lord. These final visions were reported by Sr. Lucia in Rianjo, Spain, in , while she was still a member of the Sisters of St.

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I beg pardon for all those that do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love you. Lead all souls to heaven, and help especially those most in need of your mercy.

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May the time you spend in prayer and meditation lead you to the Stations of the Cross that await your presence within your Church. We wanted to send him, the Stations of the Cross, but he took a vow never to accept money or gifts for his ministry work. However, we were able to send them to his wife Gail.

We believe God was pleased with this decision.

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    First Friday Devotion. Five First Saturdays. Prayer Petitions. A great many different Christian cultures and nationalities are represented. So, enjoy visualizing your favorite pieces on this rosary and make it your own by selecting:.

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    Medals and Medallions. Attaching medals of saints or any personal devotion to rosaries is an ancient tradition. SAJ Rosary Beads Prayer beads are a gift of love, and we specialize in constructing durable, fine quality rosaries and tenner chaplets which are great to carry with you, and for travel. Traditional Chained Rosary Technique At Sacred Art Jewelry, we prefer to use the traditional rosary making technique of using ring caps to prevent the chain links from opening.