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Here are some lessons we can all learn on this holiday. I had never seriously meditated before, but when challenged to try it for a week, I learned some important lessons. Building faith in ourselves, each other, and in the world is easier than you might think. Discover the power of even the simplest expressions of kindness. Michelangelo was a man of faith, both in God and himself. We can make our own lives masterful works of art by following 5 lessons we learn from Michelangelo.

While we still have a very long way to go, I saw a little piece of Dr. We all want life to be exciting and adventurous. Unfortunately, most of life does not consist of hiking Mount Kilmonagaro. So, how can faith can help you find meaning in the grocery store line? Mother Teresa was a woman of intense faith who fervently believed the world could be a better place, drop by drop, person by person.

She dedicated her life to succoring and empowering the disenfranchised, and taught us, through her actions, to cultivate and live an attitude of faith. Jackie Kennedy is known for her elegance and composure in the midst of personal heartbreak and tragedy. What can she teach us about getting more out of life?


The stories behind some Christmas symbols are easy to guess, but others could surprise you. Learn why we celebrate with oranges in our stockings, boughs of holly, tinsel, wreaths, and poinsettias. When times are tough, remember these lessons taught by C. Hellen Keller was an author, speaker, and activist with a spirit of determination that served as an inspiration for people with disabilities and generations to come.

She triumphed over adversity and dedicated her life to helping others. Sharing your faith with your friends, neighbors and even family can sometimes feel clumsy and awkward. Here are five ways to share your faith more easily this holiday season. But do you know how to find it? Doubt can be a necessary ingredient in building the bedrock of our faith.

Just as power outages occur in the wake of devastating hurricanes, they can occur in our lives during spiritual storms. There is a way to turn the lights back on. We have access to the switch.

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We have access to a Higher Power who knows how to help. After the death of my brother, I took up running again and it became not only a path to better health but an important spiritual practice. He is teaching us to find gratitude for the beautiful things instead. From interpreting dreams to nourishing your soul, your pumpkin roll means a lot more than just a decadent dessert! The journey to adopt is filled with uncertainty, yet eased by the faith God has entrusted to facilitate the process.

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After all, he knows us, he knows our families, and he knows how to bring us together. If you are feeling tired and stressed out all the time, here are two exercises to try out that really work. Whether Eleanor Roosevelt was busy leading as the First Lady, actively pushing for equality, or serving as American Spokesperson in the United Nations, she was a true example of strength, courage and determination. Have you ever wondered how faith and knowledge can go together?

This story details one U. Need a solution to help you avoid distraction, stop worrying, and find more happiness in your daily life? Do all this by learning to focus your attention on the present. Life is full of mundane and even empty pursuits. But a peek into the wisdom of the Dalai Lama provides tools to find fulfillment every day. The reality is that stress and worry are all a part of this thing we call life.

But there are a number of ways to lessen its burden—including exercising faith. Sometimes, simply remembering certain things can be what we need to feel greater peace and hope for the future. I embraced technology as a tool for spiritual self-development, but it took me a few years to find the right balance.

Have you ever had doubts or questions about your beliefs?

Read on to learn how to evaluate and come to trust your faith. Every great athlete has had to push through obstacles and reach beyond limits. How do they do it? And how can we reach beyond our own limits in our individual lives? Churches are finding themselves at the center of an opportunity to share faith with others. Here are 3 things you can do to help share your faith. A recent humanitarian trip to the developing, third-world country of Zambia was a lesson for me on faith. Gandhi was a wise man whose life lessons far extend past the 79 years he spent spreading messages of peace, acceptance and love on Earth.

Here are four ways to find your intuition—and more peace of mind. When my therapist asked if I meditated, I said yes. I thought reading scripture and praying counted, but I was missing an easy, faith-affirming, stress-reducing third step. Modern abolitionist and former U.

Watch how his story of faith unfolded in the face of great fear.


Busyness is the language of modern life, but stillness is the language of the soul. Follow this advice to reconnect with the things that are most important. How has faith changed your life? Watch this inspiring video from Faith Counts contributor, R. Here are the inspiring lessons I learned from my mom about how to have hope no matter how dark life may seem.

Our trust in God increases each time we act in faith, especially when what we feel we should do seems risky or foolish. Today, millions of people around the globe are celebrating Vaisakhi. We care for our bodies. We walk instead of drive, take the stairs, eat leafy green vegetables, drink imported spring water.

But our spirits need just as much nourishment. Take the health of your spirit to heart. Set bitterness aside.

Seek peace. This spring when you notice the flowers and trees beginning to blossom, consider these four ways you can help your faith bloom and work towards becoming the person you want to be. By Samuel B. Hislop, FaithCounts. But those are also reasons I struggle with my faith because, thank you very much, I'm quite happy where Watch the incredible story of Chanel White, who has faith — not to be healed — but to have the emotional and spiritual strength to endure whatever comes her way. For many of us of different backgrounds, faith brings peace, power, possibilities, provision and purpose.

Many people are familiar with the story of Esther and her incredible faith, but did you realize that there is an entire Jewish holiday dedicated to honoring and celebrating her story? Have you ever felt betrayed? Although at times it may not be easy to keep a hopeful perspective, here is how I found the courage to move past betrayal and press on to brighter horizons. Here are a few things I realized faith and exercise have in common.

Mother Teresa was a woman of intense faith who dedicated her life to succoring and empowering the disenfranchised, and taught us, through her actions, to cultivate and live an attitude of faith. God was slowly laying down the puzzle pieces, revealing the larger image He has for me. Showing me how faith brought me here. My son went missing when he was two years old.

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The holidays are a perfect time for staying in and watching a classic holiday movie. We can learn a lot about faith, family and love from our favorite holiday movies.

How Has Your Faith Impacted Your Life?

The holidays seem to be defined more and more by busyness, but the story of Christmas invites us to something different, something better. What we crave most is connection, not things. Here are five tips for keeping the holidays focused on what truly matters. Watch the video today and invite the Christmas spirit into your home. As you hurry to get everything on your to-do list done, take a moment to look around for someone who might need a helping hand or words of encouragement. Every act of service counts this holiday season. But gratitude helped me to see how God was extending small and significant blessings.

I decided to look for people who had already figured it out.