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See more Alberto's new neighbours Alberto took one look at his new neighbours and knew that his life was going to get more difficult.

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See more 48 Coming back up Have you ever done any extreme sports? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Read this story about one man facing his fear. I looked at my watch and saw that it was going backwards.

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See more 35 King of the pumpkins 'Deep in the middle of the woods,' said my mother, 'is the place where the king of the pumpkins lives. See more 86 Mr Smith's new nose It is the 22nd century and the world is very different. With new technologies, people can have the bodies that they want. See what happens when Mr Smith decides to change his body. Scarlett is twelve years old and is trying to understand the world around her.

She asks questions about everything, all the time. She also says that she already knows five languages ….

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Henry is an astronomer. He is very excited because he thinks he might have discovered the beginning of a new star. But then he gets even more exciting news Nikos was an ordinary man.


One thing that he did not believe in was superstition. But when so many things that are meant to cause bad luck started bringing him good luck, he began to wonder …. Five people, whose lives interrelate, live the build-up to Christmas in different ways in different places. A sudden blackout changes their lives forever Fausto Ruiz got off the boat at the port of the city where he had been born fifty years ago, and to which he had not returned for twenty years.

The four judges must agree on who will win the four awards in the important Global Music Awards.

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But there is a problem. They must all agree on each winner. See more 51 The golden boys Mr and Mrs Hamilton had two sons, Richard and Philip, who were both taller and friendlier than me.

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My parents liked them a lot. People often said that Thierry Boyle was the most boring man in the world.

Thierry thought he was quite interesting. Afel was twelve years old when he saw them. He wanted to be a See more 32 Two peas in a pod Edie and Evie are identical twins.

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Identical in appearance, but their personalities are not at all identical. Things get very weird when one of them pretends to be the other ICP : Watch our trailers! We Welcome Your Stories and Poems! Welcome to the Chicken Soup for the Soul family! We love our writers, and we look forward to reading your stories and poems.

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