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The excavation of the Oseberg ship, a Viking vessel used as the burial chamber of an important woman in AD. It was discovered on a farm in Vestfold, Norway in But contrary to popular belief, funeral boats were rarely sent out to sea, likely because the cost of building these legendary longboats was prohibitive.

Regardless of how the body was disposed of, a few rituals remained almost constant. The body was draped in new clothes prepared specifically for the funeral, and a ceremony was held featuring songs, chants, food and alcohol. These goods ran the gamut, from weapons to jewelry to slaves.

One Viking site in Flakstad, Norway , contained multiple bodies some decapitated in a single grave. Based on analysis of their diets and DNA, it was determined that they were likely slaves, who had been sacrificed to spend eternity with their former masters.

Mysterious Megaliths of Japan: The Stone Ship of Masuda

Women were often taken in as sex slaves as part of Viking culture, so the idea that they would be sacrificed with their master is feasible. And according to a report based on accounts from the Middle Ages-traveler Ahmad ibn Fadlan, one instance of the funeral of a Viking chieftain included a sacrificial female slave who was forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol, with large amounts of alcohol, then raped by every man in the village as a tribute to the deceased.

The Jelling Monuments (UNESCO)

From there, she was strangled with a rope, stabbed by a matriarch of the village known as the Angel of Death , then placed in the boat with her master and set on fire. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. This Day In History. You can enjoy views of the area from the top of the metre barrows, which have a diameter of 70 meters.

DNA Proves Viking Women Were Powerful Warriors

The northern barrow contained a wooden tomb, probably constructed by King Harald Bluetooth for his father, who was later re-entombed in the church. From the top of the barrows you can see hundreds of newly erected white concrete pillars that encircle the entire site, marking the approximate location of the original wooden stockade. Walking along the footpath you can also see an outline representation of the metre ship-shape as well as the positions of the so-called Trelleborg houses. And you can also marvel at the high-tech bronze and glass display cases that today encase the rune stones, which are located between the barrows.

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You can also enjoy a moment of reflection in the Jelling Church. Viking Market and the Kongernes Jelling experience centre Every year in July, a Viking market held by the monuments lets you discover the Viking in you.

Ballast Stones | NCpedia

The amazing Kongernes Jelling experience centre lets you explore the world of the Vikings and the exciting history of the Jelling Monuments in interactive exhibitions. Digital binoculars let you experience what Jelling looked like 1, years ago. Bluetooth technology Bluetooth technology, used everywhere in mobile phones and computers for wireless communication, is named after the Danish king Harald Bluetooth due to his communicative skills in bringing warring factions together.