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By applying sophisticated modelling techniques to the 25 Tbytes of stored output, Virgo scientists have been able to recreate evolutionary histories both for the 20 million or so galaxies which populate this enormous volume and for the supermassive black holes which occasionally power quasars at their hearts.

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By comparing such simulated data to large observational surveys, one can clarify the physical processes underlying the buildup of real galaxies and black holes. Movies of the simulation. A 3-dimensional visualization of the Millennium Simulation. The movie shows a journey through the simulated universe. On the way, we visit a rich cluster of galaxies and fly around it.

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During the two minutes of the movie, we travel a distance for which light would need more than 2. The movies below shows the dark matter distribution in the universe at the present time, based on the Millennium Simulation , the largest N-body simulation carried out thus far more than 10 10 particles. By zooming in on a massive cluster of galaxies, the movie highlights the morphology of the structure on different scales, and the large dynamic range of the simulation 10 5 per dimension in 3D.

High Quality [divx5, Pictures of the galaxy distribution. The top row of the following pictures shows the galaxy distribution in the simulation, both on very large scales, and for a rich cluster of galaxies where one can see them individually. The top right panel hence represents the large-scale light distribution in the Universe.

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For comparison, the images in the lower row give the corresponding dark matter distributions. Click to enlarge the images.

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