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After cooking, Hipolito put the stove in the rear of the van, which was driven to a parking spot closer to the store entrance, according to the complaint. Hipolito is seen going into the store, and about 2 minutes later his wife is told by passers-by that the rear of their van was on fire.

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Investigators interviewed Roberto Hipolito again, and he said he had used the stove that morning to cook and then placed it in the rear of his van, according to the complaint. Before moving to the closer parking spot, he said he had tossed pillows and blankets to the rear of the van where the stove was. Hipolito is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

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Weather will be among several factors NTSB investigators will review. Two people survived their car being struck by an Amtrak train, fire officials said.

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Brazil's President blamed an unusual candidate this week as a cause of the Amazon forest fires: actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio. The boulder dented the roadway by the home before hitting a fire hydrant, crashing through the fence and coming to rest. On a No Burn Day, it may be illegal to use any wood-burning devices such as fireplaces and woodstoves.

These days are enforced under certain weather conditions or when pollution levels are high.

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Arizona A. Exemptions are made for wood-burning fireplaces and stoves that meet certain emissions requirements or are the sole source of heat or fuel for cooking in the home.

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Exemptions may be made for heating or industrial equipment, cooking devices and outdoor fireplaces. Colorado C.

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  4. Establishes criteria and procedures for testing new wood stoves for compliance with emission performance standards. Requires that the sale of a wood stove to be certified by the air quality division control and an emission performance label is attached to the wood stove. The law also implements voluntary no burn days when the air quality division determines that the level of wood stove emissions would have an adverse affect on air quality.

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    Stoves that meet a more strict emission standard may be exempt from the no burn day limitations. Idaho I.

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    An individual tax payer who installs an alternative energy device to serve a place of residence, may deduct from taxable income allowable under this section. An alternative energy device may include either a natural gas heating unit, or propane heating unit, or a wood burning stove that meets the most current Environmental Protection Agency certification.