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The Fire is kid-tested, and mother-approved. Fruit Ninja is the new obsession with my young children. Even my two-year-old, who loves the iPad , is increasingly eyeing the Kindle Fire and scheming ways to get her Mom out of the room so she can play with it. I sneak it away from the bedside table when everyone is asleep at night to watch old episodes of Arrested Development. The Kindle Fire is purpose-built to find and consume digital media: books, movies and TV shows, music, magazines, apps, and the web.

It is more limited in its capabilities than an iPad, but in these areas it holds its own.

Let me address each of these areas individually:. A better comparison than the iPad is to other Kindles.

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The flicker of the E Ink screen in between every page turn also gives me a headache. No, if you are going to buy a Kindle buy the Kindle Fire. It is much better, even for reading digital books and magazines. The New Yorker magazine looks great on it.

Will I Lose Everything if I Reset My Kindle?

Yes, I know backlit screens are not as good for your eyes as E Ink, but who are we kidding? Many of us are staring at screens for 8 to 12 hours a day. I, for one, am used to it and find backlit screens more readable than E Ink.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet: Black Screen 2 Easy Fixes!

It also is much easier to highlight passages or look something up on the web straight from the text. The Kindle Fire also blows away the iPad as a digital book reader as you would hope it would, coming from Amazon.

Kindle Fire Help

Mostly, that is because of its smaller form factor. It is about the size of a large paperback. You can hold it in one hand and flick through the pages with your thumb. It is a much more pleasurable reading experience than the larger iPad, which is a little unwieldy by comparison for extended reading periods.

Although, the Kindle app on the iPad is otherwise perfectly fine. Despite its smaller screen size, the Fire is an excellent video viewing device. The selection is pretty decent, with a mix of old and more recent movies and TV shows.

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  • Amazon’s Fire HD 10 does everything you expect a cheap tablet to and nothing more.
  • Read eBooks & Magazines.
  • Moving all content to a new Kindle Fire - Fire Tablets - Devices - Amazon Digital and Device Forum.

You can either stream the movies directly or download them for later viewing. You can also watch movies through Netflix or Hulu Plus, which both have apps available on the Fire.

What's bad

The one drawback of watching video on the Fire is that it is a solitary experience. And there is no easy way that I can tell of projecting the video on a bigger screen like you can with Airplay on the iPad. Quite frankly, I barely notice the music store on the Kindle Fire.

There is nothing wrong with the selection, and I applaud the way it distributes MP3 tunes that are compatible with any player. But when it comes to digital music that I purchase, I am just too locked into iTunes or streaming music services to want to bother with the Amazon Music Store. It is too much of a hassle to figure out how to get the music into iTunes, where I can listen to it on my iPhone or through my stereo.

Follow these steps to do so:. Amazon warns that individual app settings, game progress, in-app items, account passwords, and side-loaded content might be lost during the restoration process.

Still having trouble with your Amazon device? You should also check out our Amazon Fire tablet tips for ideas on how to get more from your tablet. Spilled water on your laptop? Amazon Kindle Kids Edition review: Great for little bookworms.

Amazon Fire TV device comparison:

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