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A race of just women absolutely can be a creative way to explore gender and sexuality, and I've seen it done well by famous feminist scifi authors. This is not done well, however.

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The intermorphs are all either brunettes or blondes with the brunettes fulfilling the traditional male role, and the blondes fulfilling the traditional female role. Everything about how they interact is a carbon copy of a traditional patriarchy. Just because both genders have vaginas doesn't make how the brunettes treat the blondes less offensive.

I also was incredibly disturbed at how the female main characters talked about the male schizomorphs. They referred to them as "it" and as animals. Even beards on men were degraded and feared. It's the first time I've seen a book somehow manage to be both misogynistic and misandrist.

This in and of itself is enough to warrant one star from me, even if the writing was good. This is not a healthy way to perceive men, women, gender, or sexuality.

The Flappers: Vixen

I absolutely cannot recommend a piece of bad writing full of unhealthy perceptions of gender and sexuality to anyone. My hope is that the author is still quite young and with time will grow to more mature opinions, as well as more mature writing. Check out my full review Link live on August 3, Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Mar 13, Sally rated it really liked it Shelves: alternate-gender , young-adult. This is the story of a band of teenage girls who steal an experimental spaceship called The Silver Vixen.

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Forced to enter an ether crease think Star Trek wormhole , they find themselves on the other side of the universe, on a planet very much like their own, and surrounded by barbarian space-pirates. As you might expect, the girls are forced to grow up quickly, as very adult demands the kind upon which entire civilizations turn are suddenly placed on them.

The Flight of the Silver Vixen is the story of an intemorph race, one that, to all appearances, consists entirely of women. In fact, the division of gender is still very sexist, with the blondes being smaller, cuter, more emotional women who need to be buckled in and coddled; and the brunettes being physically larger and stronger women who take on the heavy jobs, and who are often affectionately dismissive of their blondes. Beast-like, violent, and aggressive, the men of The Kang are sword-wielding barbarians who could have escaped from any teenage boy's swords-and-sorcery fantasy.

The writing is solid, the characters are well rounded, and the dialogue is wonderfully natural — it pulls you in and makes you wish you could interject, comment, and take part in the discussions. There are elements of alien teenage girl speak, but these women are mature beyond their years. Instead of forcing understanding upon us with narrative asides and long, drawn-out explanations, we are almost subconsciously fed a little more knowledge with every interaction. My only complaint and I realise this is a limitation of YA fiction , is that I would have loved to learn more about the sexual nature of the intemorphs.

There are a few tantalizing hints and suggestions, and perhaps the questions are meant to be more exciting than the answers, but it still leaves me wondering how it all works. I'm not talking graphic or obscene - I'd just be interested in seeing how a romance might be handled, how a family unit operates, or simply whether attraction lies alongside 'gender' lines blonde vs brunette or is more open. I suspect there is still more story to come, so maybe we'll learn more as we go. Jun 12, Scarlett rated it really liked it. As a science fiction fan I adored this book.

Flight of the Silver Vixen is set in an all-girl universe. In other words, there are no males. This was pretty unique as I haven't read anything like it before. I thought it was really well done too as there are different types of female. So that made it really interesting. The characters were all really awesome. My favourite was definitely Captain Antala. She was so kick ass and fantastic. The Flight of the Silver Vixen is a really great book. It's fil As a science fiction fan I adored this book.

It's filled with so much fun and adventure that I just had a blast reading it. The Flight of the Silver Vixen is a really great sci-fi and a completely fun read. If you love science fiction then you will simply adore The Flight of the Silver Vixen! Mar 30, Robina Fox rated it it was amazing.

Riveting space adventure with pirates, demons, and all-girl worlds. The writing is crisp and spare, the action thrilling, the politics fascinating, the philosophy haunting. It left me wanting more.

There will be more, right? Mar 19, Sasha Wolf rated it really liked it. An enjoyable romp with hints of a deeper philosophy. It might make less sense without prior knowledge of the shared worldbuilding of Aristasia, however, and the ending is rather unsatisfying due to being the first in an unfinished series.

Mar 27, Becky rated it liked it. This brings a whole new twist and makes you think in a whole new light. A group of rebel teens, including a Princess, decide to steal "The Silver Vixen' a brand new state of the art space ship, and take it for a joy ride, but when things start to go wrong they enter an ether crease and end up in a different universe, not much different to their own but with a whole new set of problems. Attacked by 'Space Pirates' and having to crash land on a planet, they are thrown in at the deep end. This is a story of adventure, trust, friendship and danger. Captain Antala is great, she is so strong willed and full of the joy of life and what mischief she can get up to, but she is also very intelligent and a real quick thinker, very strategical and logical.

She has some great action moments and I would love to own her hover bike, it sounds awesome. Although there are only females in this book, they are divided into different types of females, just like I suppose we split into different nationalities etc, it is a great idea but I have to admit I got a bit confused in places. Found it a bit confusing to wrap my head around. If you are a Sci-Fi fan, you will love this action packed space adventure. Be prepared to enter a world like no other.

As more of a fantasy fan I had some reservations with this book, but it is definitely worth a read, it will make you think. Sep 04, William Bentrim rated it it was ok. Blondes seem to fit the stereotype for female and brunettes the stereotype for males regarding role playing. A group of teens skyjack a prototype spacecraft and end up in a different galaxy as heroic saviors.

Much to my surprise I have discovered a genre previously unknown to me, that of the Intermorphic Worlds. These are stories where there is only one gender or in this case all-girl wo The Flight of the Silver Vixen by Annalinde Matichei This book is about a world where there are only females. These are stories where there is only one gender or in this case all-girl worlds.


The social aspects that underlie the premise make one ponder. It smacks of that old sociology experiment regarding intolerance based on eye color. In addition, the only men mentioned in the story are prime examples of negative stereotypes. In that aspect the story was highly agenda based. In some ways it was a traditional coming of age story where the teens must rise to the occasion and show their true character.

The plot was complex enough to maintain interest. The style was somewhat choppy. I enjoyed the book and still find myself pondering the motivation behind it. If that is the goal, it was admirably achieved. Mar 06, Scott rated it it was ok Shelves: sci-fi. The main race has two sexes, but they both appear female.

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Given how the author treated the two sexes, there really wasn't much point in making them both female. Except to make the men of other races the stereotypical bad guys. Also, it seemed like everyone in the protagonist party had about a dozen names or titles. I felt it was unnecessary and made the book harder to follow.

The other thing which made it hard to follow was the lack of any sort of page break.

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The characters got separated and the b The main race has two sexes, but they both appear female. The characters got separated and the book would jump from one group to another without any sort of break other than a simple page return. Aug 17, Leisa rated it did not like it. I can't even finish this book - it's not well-written, it's overly complicated and the editing is atrocious. Taggart rated it it was amazing Jun 06, Lindsay Benezraenezra rated it really liked it Feb 25, Cati rated it did not like it Jun 19, Jess Howard-martin rated it really liked it Nov 04, Kate rated it it was ok Aug 24, Laurie Vosters rated it really liked it Jun 14, Poppy rated it really liked it Jul 11, Kimberley Davis-Simmons rated it did not like it Dec 15, Sascha Broich rated it really liked it Jul 24, Mary Guillermin rated it it was amazing Jun 28, Amy rated it it was ok Apr 15, Tj Dinwiddie rated it liked it Mar 11, Asia Bey rated it really liked it May 30, Amy rated it really liked it Aug 13, Erin Wynn rated it liked it Oct 13, PaksGeneral rated it liked it Jul 06, Doreen rated it it was amazing Jun 14, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Science Fiction. The opening portion of the seventh episode saw Cordelia seek out the voodoo queen Dinah Stevens to try to seek the aid of Papa Legba Lance Reddick. And that was that.

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